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Women's Bamboo Socks

When you want women's snug and soft socks while allowing your feet to feel fresh, you can't go past bamboo socks for women. Bamboozld women's socks are sustainable and comfortable.... Read More

When you want women's snug and soft socks while allowing your feet to feel fresh, you can't go past bamboo socks for women. Bamboozld women's socks are sustainable and comfortable. Available in plain and bold colours and fun prints, our range of soft bamboo socks includes women's crew socks and women's health socks. Our range also includes bamboo boot socks, bamboo cotton socks and men's invisible bamboo socks.

Why Choose Bamboozld Bamboo Socks for Women?

Our women's bamboo socks are breathable, sustainable, and antibacterial. Due to its characteristics, bamboo is warm and snug in winter and comfortable and cool in summer. As a natural pesticide, bamboo requires no chemicals when growing or harvesting. This ensures farm workers operate in a clean and safe environment. 

Featured Styles in Our Women's Bamboo Sock Range

Bamboozld women's bamboo sock range is available in various styles and colours. Designed in Melbourne, our bamboo socks are essential to your wardrobe, from pops of colour or prints to crew and sports socks. Our range of bamboo socks for women is designed for comfort while bringing joy and individuality.

What are the Best Women's Socks?

Whether you're considering statement crew socks, super-hidden secret socks, sports socks, or colourful ankle socks, the best socks for women are made from bamboo fibres. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, reducing the possibility of foot odour. In summer, our women's bamboo socks will keep your feet fresh; in winter, they'll keep your tootsies snuggly warm.

The best socks for women who love yoga feature non-slip grips and are breathable and moisture-wicking. Our yoga socks tick all these boxes, looking cute and colourful as they provide the necessary stability for a seamless flow.

And, since bamboo is a sustainably sourced fibre, our socks are not just a positive addition to your wardrobe but also positive for the planet.

Our Types of Bamboo Socks

Are you looking for a range of bamboo socks for women? Check out our types below:

Crew Socks

Secret Socks

Health Socks

Ped Socks

Sports Socks

Yoga Socks

Bed Socks

Are Women's Socks Different to Men's?

Women can wear men's socks, and men can wear women's socks. There are no rules, and while our eye-popping designs vary, the styles remain mostly the same. The difference between our bamboo socks for women and men is in size. For women, our Regular size is 2-9, and our Queen size is 9-11.

How are Bamboo Invisible Socks Made? And Why is it Sustainable?

Bamboozld invisible, secret socks for women are comfortable and sustainable. Crafted from moisture-wicking material, our no-show bamboo socks keep your feet dry and fresh all day. With added arch support and grippy gel heels, our invisible bamboo socks are perfect for working, outings or a day on the couch.

As an ethical and sustainable business, we work hard to drive improvements in working standards and factory conditions. All the bamboo fibres we use are grown and harvested without using chemicals. As a fast-growing plant, bamboo produces more oxygen than any equivalent stand of trees. Featuring natural antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties, bamboo is also effective at odour control and is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Get Your Bamboo Socks for Women Today

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Are these socks 100% pure bamboo?

Bamboozld socks are absorbent, breathable, and antibacterial. Our women’s socks are crafted from bamboo, cotton, spandex and polyester. Other features of our bamboo socks include:

  • ·A hand-linked toe for seamless comfort,

  • ·Reinforced wear points a

  • ·Non-tight cuff to promote healthy circulation.

Can I buy Bamboozld in physical stores?

While some physical stores stock Bamboozld, the best way to buy our bamboo socks is online, shop our new arrivals and frenzy offers.

Are these socks suitable for sensitive skin?

Bamboo socks are ideal for skin sensitivities as they naturally contain non-allergenic properties. Our bamboo blend socks are naturally antibacterial, thermo-regulating and breathable. Bamboo socks are an excellent option for sensitive skin, allergies, or eczema.

What makes Bamboozld's bamboo socks for women different from others in the market?

All the bamboo fibres used in Bamboozld socks are produced using the Lyocell Method under the REACH and OEKO-TEC 100 Standards used across the textile industry. We take pride in running a sustainable and ethical business to meet the highest standard of yarn, packaging, and factory compliance. 

Since 2014, Bamboozld has worked with the same family-run businesses under BSCI accreditation. This ensures all our products are made in an ethical and socially responsible manner.