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Mens Collaborations

Bamboozld is delighted to have collaborated with and supported talented Australian artists including:

Tim Sharp
Nathan Patterson
Luka Va

Welcome to the happy colourful world of Tim Sharp and Laser Beak Man.

Tim Sharp is an internationally acclaimed artist most famous for Laser Beak Man but also for the hope and inspiration he brings to so many people from around the world.

Laser Beak Man is the colourful superhero created by Australian artist Tim Sharp who has autism and has won fans from all around the world with his unique sense of humour and happy colourful art. The first person in the world with autism to have his art made into an animated TV series, an award winning theatre production touring nationally after being developed in New York City, a best selling book about his life, Tim’s life is a double shot of happiness.

In partnership, Laser Beak Man by Tim Sharp x Bamboozld bring wearable art to life!

Nathan Patterson is a proud Wagiman Man living on the south coast of Victoria. His mother’s people are from Pine Creek, near the Daly River Region in the Northern Territory, where the Wagiman clan are the traditional landowners. Nathan burst onto the scene around 5 years ago with his ever-evolving Modern Aboriginal Art. He has been commissioned for numerous large scale mural projects as well as featuring on several AFL Indigenous Guernsey’s.  His art is a mixture of contemporary designs using traditional techniques that incorporate the dreamtime stories of his people and of the land he was born on. In collaboration with Bamboozld, Nathan has designed two collections based on Native Australian Animals and a Birdlife.

Bamboozld commission Nathan to hand paint the artworks onto canvases at his studio, he then passed them onto our graphics team who reproduced the artwork digitally so that it could be printed onto our signature Sustainable Bamboo fibre socks, making them truly unique wearable and original art.

The original artworks are on display at our offices in Melbourne, Australia.

Luka Va, a Lithuanian born contemporary illustrator now living in Melbourne collaborated with Bamboozld bringing her humorous hand drawings to life for Summer 2020. Her work combines a naive style with a quirky worldview reminding us all to smile and giggle and not take life too seriously! The perfect addition to our wardrobe and a fun node to Australian culture.